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Our Story

In July 2020, Global Youth Investment, the precursor of Global Youth Mentorship, started as a small study group for Wharton investment competition. As a group of students who knew little about investment, we learned from parents sharing their experience and knowledge of investment and for the first time we realized the value of experience sharing - which is often overlooked.


Then in November 2020, Tiana was further inspired by Dr. Ted Lain’s experience sharing of his adventure in becoming a doctor, directly inspiring her to create Global Youth Mentorship. Bundling up with her teammates in Global Youth Investment and other friends as the founding team, Global Youth Mentorship was officially created in summer 2021. This time, we’re not limited to investment, we included virtually every walk of life with the goal to introduce young adults to different industries and experiences through group mentorship events, and with the popularization of Zoom due to COVID-19 we’re able to reach an ever-wide-ranging audience. 


Our community is worldwide!


We truly believe it will be an eye-opening experience for many students, especially so in a time where so many people are still confused regarding what they want to do in the future. We’re driven by the goal of unleashing every youth's potential and our pursuit to HELP EVERYONE REACH THE TOP.

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